I’m 5’2″ and These Are 5 Spring Trends I’m Willing to Wear

As someone who hates being told what to wear and is generally uninterested in anyone’s opinions other than my own when it comes to my fashion choices, the last thing I would venture to do is try to tell fellow petite women what they should or, worse, shouldn’t wear. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t share what I, personally, plan on sporting in the coming months on the chance some my peers out there are on the hunt for some inspiration, or care to know what a 5’2” editor considers flattering for her frame.

So, since spring is on the horizon and everyone is sick of thinking about winter dressing anyway, today I figured I would do just that. Below, I’ve highlighted the five S/S 20 trends that, at first glance, I can tell will be heavy in my rotation next season. To see what made the cut, read a little about each, and of course do some shopping along the way, just keep scrolling.

The funny (and opportune) thing about being short is that things like crop tops and bra tops almost look just like normal tops on you. However, since the idea of sporting alone (as seen above) is still a little too daring for me, I plan on layering bra tops under slightly oversized blazers and button-downs come spring.

I’ve been very into the whole tailoring craze, acquiring more blazers and trousers in the last year than I’d like to admit. On that note, I’m elated that shorts suits are the latest take on the trend to join the spotlight because they don’t cover you up quite as much as a full-on pantsuit and you feel a little bit less like you’re drowning in fabric.

I’m all for anything that elongates the legs, and slits—whether on dresses or skirts—do just that (and the higher the more effective). So, here’s to hoping the trend sticks around for a while.

A barely-there shoe with an elongating, v-shaped upper that minimizes bulk and leave’s your ankles free to be bare? Sounds to me like a shoe that was made for petite girls.

I’m pretty sure that there’s no one that can’t pull off a vest, especially when you consider how many different styles there are plus the endless number of ways to wear them. I especially love how the more fitted styles look either as a top or over one.

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